Frequently asked questions


Who are the tutors?

Our tutors are native english speakers who come from a diverse set of backgrounds. All of them have either extensive teaching experience or work in a professional day-to-day capacity with english as their primary language. All of our tutors are thoroughly vetted for meeting platform quality requirements before onboarded.

Can I choose my tutor?

Unfortunately, we do not currently provide an option for choosing your teacher for your lesson. While we will try to ensure that you have the same tutor throughout your lessons, be rest assured that all teachers will deliver a high quality experience to you. While allocating tutors, we do conduct dynamic matching depending on your needs and meeting time preferences. For example, if you're looking to practice for a US/UK visa interview, we will match you with someone you has passed this personally.

When are the tutors available?

We try to have our tutors available 24/7. In case we are not able to fulfil the time request, we will let you know in advance for rescheduling the lesson

Pricing and discounts

How can I make a booking request

For trial lessons, please book a trial from the home page ( For longer paid courses, please book the package from the pricing plans page ( In case, you are unable to book the same or face any issues. Please reach out to us on or drop a message on the chat icon on the bottom right corner. We will revert to your queries within 12 hours.

How do I make payments?

We have a secured payment gateway service on our website. All options are safe and secure and we do not store your bank account or card information.

What discounts are available?

We are offering the 1st trial lesson to be completely FREE. Post this, students are requested to choose one of the pricing packages available on the website. We will be releasing more customized pricing plans soon!

How do I request for a refund?

You may request for a refund in the following cases - 1) Change in decision within 72 hours from booking a package 2) Not satisfied with Speakzee lesson* Please reach out to for any refund requests. Refunds will be initiated and paid out within 2 weeks from the date of approval

Corporate clients

Does Speakzee service corporate clients?

Yes, we service both individual and corporate clients for improving their spoken english skills. Our pricing plans are not listed on the site, as they are dependent on your use cases and scale. Please reach out to us at for a conversation with our sales manager

How do the lessons differ from individual lessons?

While, each lesson is customized basis your needs. Typically, our requests have been in the following areas - 1) Improving sales skills 2) Learning "business english" and uses in daily corporate work 3) Interacting with international stakeholders who primarily converse in english

How do I track progress across my employees?

We will share a monthly progress report with insights at an organizational level. Along with this, we will also provide a detailed report at an individual employee level. This will only be shared with the designated company representative to prevent any privacy concerns.


What is the curriculum?

We do not have a fixed curriculum, as we believe the needs of each student varies significantly. Our tutors are given freedom to customize the lessons basis your requirements. We do provide lesson guidelines and feedback reports depending on your use case. We believe improving spoken english is a matter of practice and learning from the right tutors. We allow our students to choose the needs (or topic) up front, so our tutors are better prepared for the lesson.

Can I cancel a lesson?

Yes. You may cancel your lesson at least 2 hours before appointment and you will not be penalised. Please cancel by reaching out to

How does the grade report look like?

Unfortunately, we will only be able to share this post the completion of the 1st lesson (either in trial or paid package). The feedback report though will focus on grading you on a set of different parameters (e.g. accent, grammar) and will be identifying your strengths and improvement areas. This feedback report is critical for showing progress during the duration of a course.

How quickly can I become fluent?

There no right answer for this, and depends a lot on a case-to-case basis :) Fluency in english is largely a function of practice and the external environments one is in. But, be assured that our tutors will be focussed on helping you become more confident in the specific topics that you request for in your classes. We encourage students to speak during the majority of the class, and tutors to obsessively monitor your progress report.

What topics or needs can I request for my lesson?

Anything! Few common examples we have seen our - 1) Preparing for visa interviews 2) Workers who want to practice "office/business topics" 3) Preparing for job interviews 4) Working with colleague from international/foreign countries 5) General english brush up - casual conversations, small talk, etc

How should I prepare for my lesson

Before the class, please share your preferred need or topic before the class. Also, do mention your preferred video chat platform. At the time of the class, go to an area where you have good internet connection and is in a noise-free zone. Nothing else is required :) Our tutors will take care of everything else

About Speakzee

Why did you start this website?

We believe the ability to speak fluent english will unlock a disproportionate set of opportunities across the world for our students. We realized existing classrooms do not provide enough speaking lessons, are too expensive or don't have 1:1 native tutors. We believe connecting students to native english speakers from across the world is a natural fit. We want to play our part in democratizing access to opportunities for everyone.

Will you expand to more languages

Not yet, but we plan to in the near future! Please let us know if you have any suggestions.