9 ways to practise English at home

Updated: Jun 2

There are so many ways you can practice English at home, even if you only have 15 minutes in a day! The key is to be consistent and have fun. That means it is important to set a schedule and try your hardest to stick to it. It is never fun learning English from a grammar textbook, so try to find something that you enjoy doing, and do it in English!

  1. Take online English classes

  2. Watch TV shows and movies with English audio and/or subtitles

  3. Read news articles in English

  4. Keep a learning journal and write down your feelings and progress each day

  5. Listen to audiobooks and podcasts

  6. Review interesting and/or important words you’ve learned by using them in sentences

  7. Record yourself speaking English

  8. Read the same passage several times, at different speeds

  9. Play with the language with games like Mad Libs, crossword puzzles, and riddles